Lucy ~ Reg as BARBSLADYINRED DN 40427603 OFA BF-TH1248/35F-VPI Ludo~ Reg as B.PERRIN'S LIONHEART LUDO DN47363006 


 ~ UPDATE~ Lucy and Ludo are expecting their last litter NOVEMBER OF 2021   Lucy will be retired and living a lazy farm dog life here with the cattle and horses, goat , yak ,chickens and two barn kitties!



A huge thank you to all the folks who have made a commitment to welcome one of Lucy and Ludo and all the other wonderful puppies into their homes. I love seeing the pictures you all post and all the updates on these wonderful pups that have become a part of your families! 

I will be posting pictures of puppies with their new families soon:) my favorite part of being a breeder.. though it's bittersweet watching my babies go off in to the world, seeing the look on someones face when they hold their new puppy is priceless.