Thank you for choosing Perrin Bouviers as your breeder! Here is what you can expect from me as your breeder.


I will keep a journal on each puppy, this is where I will observe them in play and interaction with each other and any human contact.  The reason for these journals is to better match an active pup with an active family.  And a more laid back puppy with a family that isn't as active.

My main goal is that my puppy( soon to be your puppy) goes in to their forever home.

Bouviers are intelligent and obedient, I highly recommend puppy class, obedience and all the socializing you can do with your puppy! 

If you don't start from puppy age you will have an obnoxious teen ager that has no respect. This is so in any breed:) I love Cesar Milan's method of training !!! he has lots of U Tube info out there or purchasing a training cd is money well spent!

Your puppy will have: a puppy pack containing a sample and information about the diet he/she has been on,

A slicker brush to begin grooming.

A soft toy or blanket that smells like his/her littermates.

You can also contact me any time with questions !